I spend the night at my sister’s place

Good pranks are tried-and-true gags, tricks, and practical jokes that have been pulled on both friends and family! Some practical jokes cause everyone to laugh heartily, while others only result in the prankster’s flushed face. Looking to play some funny pranks on your friends? These practical joke suggestions are sure to please. We won’t be held liable for your activities if you use the following “good pranks,” so make sure you can handle the repercussions. Take responsibility for your own actions and address problems as they arise. KIDS Get an adult with excellent judgment involved, stay out of trouble, and don’t be impolite if you want to pull nice pranks. When getting into bed, the person can only get half way due to the double-folded flat sheet and secure side tucks. Spray some duct tape on the faucet nozzle of a kitchen sink or bathroom sink, leaving a little opening in front for someone to stand in. It’s outdated yet always functional. DUAL REMOTE: Invest the cash to purchase a second identical or dual remote. While they are watching, change the station. To pull off this prank well, don’t abuse it. This one can be used throughout the month, not just on April 1st, if you use it sparingly. Take a round craft foam or car-washing sponge and decorate it with cake frosting, sprinkles, etc. to make a fake cake. When the victim fumbles to cut themselves a piece of cake, try not to chuckle. EGGS: Play this practical joke on someone who consumes Guinness or another dark-colored beer. All you have to do is crack open an egg (only the yellow portion) and, while they aren’t looking, drop it into their drink.

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