I still love her to this day…60 years wedding anniversary

When a loved one harms you, it’s acceptable to feel resentment, rage, and blame. But without forgiveness, even minor offences and betrayals have the power to end a relationship. People who are unable to forgive frequently struggle to keep their relationships with their partners intact. But since they consciously choose not to focus on the errors their partner has made, partners who progress towards forgiveness are better equipped to continue their relationship. Every long-term partnership will see its fair share of setbacks. However, getting through a particular hard phase and learning to see your partner lovingly and objectively can help you get through. You may overcome annoyance and those moments when you’re unsure of whether you want to continue a relationship by recalling and nurturing memories of joyful occasions you’ve shared in the past. The way you and your spouse greet each other, or the way you mark birthdays and anniversaries year after year, can help establish a solid bond that will keep you emotionally engaged even when things go difficult. When you take the time to kiss your partner goodbye every morning before you go for work, regardless of how rushed or preoccupied you are, you are showing your partner that your relationship is a top priority. When your partner is attempting to communicate with you, interrupting and jumping in might become frustrating or discouraging. When you’re having a meaningful conversation, it’s imperative to listen more than you say. Any relationship’s basis is weakened by secrets and lies.

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