I thank God I learned to trust again….

Take a deeper look at how your spouse treats you if you want to know their true feelings for you. Do they show warmth, kindness, and respect or are they cold, rude, and demeaning? Both words and actions might reveal a partner’s actual sentiments for you when you’re trying to determine if they’re in love with you. Your lover will want to be completely honest with you about themselves if they are in love with you. Pay attention if your partner shares highly personal details about various elements of their life with you and isn’t scared to be completely vulnerable in your presence. They’re showing you how important you are and how much they desire you by revealing a less-known aspect of themselves to you. Your partner is fostering the growth of your relationship by seeking out fresh ways to connect with you when they open up to you and feel comfortable sharing openly about their family, past, or other personal experiences. Whether trust is being developed or already exists, vulnerability is a sign of it. Making long-term plans with you is not a concern for someone who is in love with you, and they may even feel at ease discussing your future as a pair. Their excitement and passion for the future are truly evidence of their joy, passion, and love for you, regardless of whether you discuss where you picture yourself living in five years or discuss plans to attend a wedding together that is still months away.

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