I thank God we made up and we are back together

Reuniting with your ex shouldn’t be a hasty decision. After all, there was a reason why your relationship ended. That doesn’t preclude you from getting back together with your ex, though, and forging a stronger bond. Many split-up couples reunite after some time has passed. More than one-third of cohabitating couples and one-fifth of married couples have broken up and reconnected. If you and your ex decide to give your relationship another go, be aware that you’ll need to put in more work and try new things if you want it to succeed this time. Here are eight recommendations for maintaining a positive relationship after getting back together. Even though it can be painful and difficult, it’s crucial to be able to discuss the past when getting back together. The temptation is to ignore it, move on, and avoid bringing it up. When this occurs, old grudges often resurface in the relationship and fester. Talking about past hurt and engaging in these difficult conversations can promote closer relationships, enhance communication, and help you get through difficult situations. In relationships, especially ones that have recently ended, it’s critical to give both points of view a voice. This calls for you to let go of the idea that one person is correct while the other is mistaken. This will provide a safe environment for both partners to express their emotions in a healthy manner. Be sure to actively listen so you can comprehend your partner’s perspective and vice versa.

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