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I think about him everyday

It can be challenging to be apart from the people you care about because people like and require the closeness and support of others. It is normal to start missing someone when you are apart, regardless of whether the separation is long-term or only temporary. It is normal to miss the individuals who are no longer a part of your daily life, whether you are missing a friend who has moved away, getting over a divorce, or grieving the loss of a loved one. Just keep in mind that you may cherish those individuals and events while still making progress. You could go through a variety of various feelings, thoughts, and actions when you miss someone. Depending on their duration and severity, these symptoms may indicate a more serious issue, such as depression, even though they are frequently a typical part of grieving. If your symptoms are preventing you from going about your everyday activities normally, you should consult your healthcare professional. You may miss another individual as a result of a variety of circumstances and occurrences. Life is full of change, and these changes frequently lead people down new pathways. This can either signal that your adventure together has come to an end or that you will only sometimes see that individual. The reasons you are apart from someone may have a significant impact on how you handle missing them.

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