I thought it was all over….Tsega talks about her current situation

Building resilience can assist you in managing stress, overcoming adversity, and taking pleasure in the better days to come, whether you are dealing with a personal, global, or a combination of the two. The globe seems to be lurching from crisis to catastrophe lately. In addition to a variety of natural calamities, we have also seen a global pandemic, profound changes in how we live our daily lives, economic uncertainty, political unrest, and social unrest. Then there are the traumas that people experience on a personal level, such as losing a loved one, deteriorating health, job loss, divorce, violent crime, or tragic accidents. This is a period of unheard-of difficulty and upheaval for many of us. Whether a personal tragedy, a worldwide disaster, or both have disrupted your life, going through terrible times can have a negative impact on your attitude, health, and emotions. You can experience a sense of helplessness and stress and anxiety overload. You might be struggling to come to terms with what you’ve lost, be overcome with a plethora of unpleasant, contradicting feelings, or be unsure of how to proceed with your life. You can even feel completely out of control of your life and helpless to stop whatever might come next. There are techniques to help calm the choppy waves and recover a sense of control even though there is no way to prevent sadness, struggle, or distress in life.

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