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I thought it was just our family, which has a lot of members

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The engaging family game shows Yebeteseb Chewata season 16 episode 15. Facilitated by craftsman Newsanet Workneh. One thing that turned out to be clear at the culmination was that the Japanese were interested in a high compensation for their speculation. For example, the Japanese need to see a colossal lump of the absolute 33 billion dollars, around 33% or exactly 10 billion dollars of it, put resources into what they brought excellent foundation over the coming three years. In spite of the fact that what comprises the best quality foundation will be a subject of conversation for different stages, obviously, Japan would not have it some other way.

Aside from the framework, one more two billion dollars of the absolute help bundle is held for exchange help; while some 1.8 billion dollars will be saved to serve the environmental change plan and help African countries to go to catastrophic event counter-lengths. It is likewise trusted that at the very least a large portion of a billion dollars will go to the food security areas; and one more a large portion of a billion for harmony and soundness exercises. They help bundle likewise joins somewhere in the range of 330 million dollars of Small and Medium Enterprises (Funding) financing.

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