I thought we were not right for each other

Teen love is a topic that generates a lot of discussion and stigma. Many adults dismiss young relationships, believing that they will not survive the test of time. This belief, however, is not totally correct. Although the average age of marriage has risen in recent generations, this does not rule out the possibility of young love lasting a lifetime. It isn’t, however, as straightforward as that.
Some youthful love is genuine, but not all. Whether or not this love will last is totally dependent on the persons and their willingness to nurture their feelings of love into true love. Puppy love or a crush are the most common kind of relationships that teenagers have. This goes hand in hand with lust. The partnership is energizing and exciting. The sensations are superficial and do not go any farther. It is a connection based solely on emotions. Lust is a common reaction among anyone, particularly teenagers, but it is not the same as love. Many teenagers and adults are unable to distinguish between the two. Lust is solely focused on physical attraction, whereas love is far more complex and includes concern for the other person. Although lust may have started the relationship, true love transcends lust and physical attraction. It is founded on dedication and a decision, not on feelings. Dating can be viewed from two perspectives. To begin with, you may be dating in order to find your life spouse.

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