I told my husband I like his style

When emotions are high, laughter can be a particularly effective tool for managing conflict and releasing tension. You can learn to use humor to diffuse conflicts, reduce stress for everyone involved, and communicate in a way that strengthens rather than weakens your relationships, whether with romantic partners, friends and family, or coworkers. Laughter is a natural, inborn part of life that is your birthright. Within a few weeks of birth, infants start grinning, and a few months later, they start laughing aloud. You can learn to laugh at any stage of life, regardless of whether you spent your childhood in a home where laughter was a frequent sound. As with exercise, start by designating specific times to seek humor and laughter, then progress from there. You’ll eventually want to weave laughter and humor into every aspect of your life, discovering it naturally in everything.
Smile. Smiling is the precursor to laughing, and like laughing, it spreads easily. Practice smiling whenever you look at someone or notice something even a little bit pleasing. Look up and smile at people you pass on the street, the person making your morning coffee, or the coworkers you share an elevator with rather than looking down at your phone. Take note of the impact on others. Your blessings are many. Truly compile a list. Simply thinking about the positive aspects of your life will help you break free from the negative mindset that prevents humor and laughter. When you’re feeling depressed, it takes more effort to find humor and laughter.

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