I told the truth….what a surprise

Although marriage is a union of two spirits, each couple has their own definition of what makes a successful marriage. The concept of a successful marriage is ambiguous. Here are some examples of typical definitions of a successful marriage, though. Some individuals believe that having a good wife is essential to a happy marriage. For some people, a good marriage requires a moral woman who will protect and support her husband no matter what. Some people think that a marriage unites a couple with their family. They feel that they have a responsibility to raise morally decent children as members of society. This could be the easy trick to a happy marriage, if you’re looking for one. One of the most frequently used descriptions of a successful marriage is this. Some people have a strong conviction that having close friendships is the secret to a happy marriage. Commitment, accountability, and sacrifice are some popular descriptors of a good marriage. Some individuals think the secret to a happy marriage is mutual respect and unwavering love. Recognise that everyone has imperfections and accept your partner for who they are.

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