I took care of everything to make him happy

He basically doesn’t appreciate you enough if he treats you like a given. It suggests a lack of appreciation in which he is taking advantage of or underrating you. If he doesn’t reciprocate, doesn’t thank you for the things you do for him, and doesn’t make an attempt to be there for you when you need him, he isn’t showing you enough appreciation. When you believe you are the only one making an effort to make a relationship work, he is taking you for granted. You sometimes feel that your existence is in the shadow of his selfishness because of how often the small and large things you do for him go unappreciated. Do you think it would be easier to say “no” to your partner or other people than to take on more duties and responsibilities? Then it’s official that you struggle to say “no” and that you go over and beyond to harm yourself in order to appease others. No matter how unpleasant people are to you, you just can’t be rude to them because you genuinely want to satisfy everyone. Guys immediately notice that you’re too polite and lovely, and over time they decide to “turn your sweetness against you,” or take you for granted.

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