I tried everything to gain weight….

It takes more than just decluttering to simplify life. It’s about designing a life that inspires you. One that makes you happy and successful, one that lets you reap the rewards of your labour. Think large and be passionate. You’re in a better position than most people if you’re fortunate enough to love what you do. It’s crucial to have great ideas and aspirations. What have you been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to yet? Don’t allow fear to hold you back. What do you feel strongly about? Do you spend your time engaging in the activities you find fulfilling? If not, you must begin doing so right away. Goals should be written down. Those who consider themselves to have attained some measure of success are aware that it wasn’t by chance. Planning and goal-setting must be done well. Your likelihood of attaining your goals considerably increases when you put them in writing. Start putting your goals in paper and reviewing them as frequently as you can if you haven’t already. This technique encourages you to take some sort of action each day to get towards your objectives. Have confidence in your skills and abilities. No one will have faith in you if you don’t. Everyone have special skills and talents that ought to be shared with the rest of the world. Stay away from self-talk that undermines our confidence and just go for it. There is no better day to begin than today.

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