I trusted him when called saint Mary’s name

Do you believe that in your relationship, your voice is ignored or undervalued? Have you ever been afraid of your partner’s reaction if you don’t follow their instructions exactly? If so, you might be dealing with a manipulator’s techniques. A manipulator is someone who uses someone or something to their personal gain, frequently unfairly or dishonestly, according to the Cambridge Dictionary. There are moments when the control is imperceptible, making you wonder whether it is all in your head. Sometimes it can be highly hostile and cause trauma and dread. It can be challenging to comprehend manipulator tactics and recognise them fast. It calls for consideration, a comprehension of how others behave, and a readiness to exercise caution. Knowing what to look for makes it quite easy to identify manipulative behaviour. Because they are frequently haughty by nature, the person’s activities are transparent and clear. Making fun of or insulting other people to appear superior. excessively protective behaviour, even when it is unnecessary. persistently attempting to steer the discourse back to their preferred subjects. not paying attention; instead, they are simply waiting for their moment to speak or to shift the responsibility to someone or something else. saying one thing while really meaning something else, then subsequently denying it when questioned about it. asking ‘leading’ questions to steer the discourse in the direction they want. asking personal questions repeatedly in an effort to win trust. acting too defensive when questioned.

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