I use to wash my teachers gown in school

The pressure is the first factor that makes fame less than ideal. There is a great deal of pressure to be flawless when you are famous. You have to be physically fit and you can’t make mistakes. Many well-known people have struggled with the intense pressure to be perfect themselves. This is a result of the early pressure to serve as role models, which causes them to almost lose their freedom to be who they want to be. Losing virtually all privacy is a terrible side effect of fame. Every day, people are looking at you, hearing about you, and writing about you. Your actions will almost certainly be featured in magazines or on television. Private moments with your loved ones or friends are impossible to have without countless photos being taken. At some point, this can wear on a person. The constant rumors that circulate is something that many famous people struggle with. In order to make money, the media frequently fabricates a lot of untrue information. Even though publicity is advantageous for well-known individuals, nobody enjoys hearing untrue things said about them. Many well-known people, like Kanye West, for instance, become furious when the media presents a story or piece of news incorrectly. This can make you extremely anxious and have a negative impact on you. The constant presence of the public in one’s life as a famous person is another issue. You are discussed and evaluated in every magazine, TV program, and social media platform. Living in this way is really dangerous! It’s terrifying to be terrified of making errors and being authentic because you will be evaluated by everyone. Some people will go above and beyond by threatening you in writing, throwing objects at you, or just saying cruel things.

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