I used to ask God what is it he wants

Adjectives like ‘unwavering’ and ‘unconditional’ are used to characterise a mother’s love when we try to put it into words. Her thoughts, feelings, actions, and words all perfectly capture the lovely love she has for her children, which has been evident at different times in their lives. A mother’s love is born right away, first in her trembling expectation for that second line to appear, then in her bright excitement at realising she is nourishing a life inside of her. She gives up her favourite raw foods and cherished coffee on purpose for the sake of her unborn child, makes sure she eats something despite being unwell all day, and expresses her delight for her unborn child through singing and talking to her. When her toddler takes that first walk, utters their first word, or reads a book on their own, a mother’s love is evident in her bright smile. Her phone is ready to show off to family and friends, filled with several pictures of these milestones. It is evident in the way she persistently reads their favourite bedtime story and carefully responds to her child’s never-ending queries. A mother’s affection can be shown in the way she fusses over her children’s craft-time creations, describing them as works of art even though they appear to be simple scribbles. She also shows her joy when she receives Mother’s Day art pieces, cherishing each one and keeping it in a secure place.

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