“I used to get a lot of love letters…”journalist Roman Tegegn

Of course, a lot of women have written and will continue to write love letters. Writing love letters has traditionally been the domain of men because they are the sex that has traditionally been the “pursuer” in the relationship and frequently has difficulty verbally expressing their feelings. Speaking our feelings to our significant others is not always simple. We prefer to express our love through deeds. We believe that the fact that we vacuum the house, mow the lawn, and make someone’s favorite pancakes every Sunday demonstrates our love for them. We believe that the fact that our actions demonstrate our loyalty and sincerity should be sufficient. For a woman, it’s not quite that way though. Women do appreciate our romantic gestures, but they also have much more language-oriented brains than men do. They want to understand the words that are spoken in support of the deeds. They are genuinely curious about what’s inside of us. But it’s challenging to put our feelings about someone into words in a way that flows well and sounds beautiful. It’s particularly challenging to remember your exact words when you’re sitting down with someone. now comes the love letter. When soldiers were away fighting the Great One and men embarked on trips that kept them away from their loved ones for months or even years at a time, love letters were undoubtedly more common. Letters in general, including love letters, have become less popular as a result of the development of modern communication techniques.

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