I used to prey to gain some weight

The same exercises you do to strengthen physical muscles also help you build mental muscles. Developing healthy habits will make you stronger. Yet if you want to advance, you must stop your unproductive negative behaviours. Gender can have an impact on the unproductive poor habits that might keep you stuck, even if the exercises to strengthen the mind are the same for both men and women. One or two negative habits are all it takes to prevent you from achieving your full potential. It can be tempting to compare yourself to others, whether you’re gazing at Instagram pictures from a celebrity’s holiday or listening to your buddy talk about her most recent promotion. But, for every minute you spend contrasting your life with someone else’s, you lose focus for 60 seconds. A sad, ironic twist to perfectionism is that it will make you feel so stressed out that your performance will really suffer. Set high standards for yourself, but don’t make them impossible to meet. Your poker face surely serves a purpose because it conveys your seriousness to others. Yet, seeking assistance, being aware of your shortcomings, and admitting you don’t know everything are not indications of weakness. Your mind will make an effort to persuade you that you are not smart, capable, or good enough. So you shouldn’t trust your every assumption. You’ll be undervalued by your mind. Spending time and mental energy repeatedly going over the same issues and thinking about everything that might go wrong. Also, it will harm your psychological health. Rather than dwelling and overthinking, make a commitment to problem-solving and effective action.

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