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I used to protect my sister when we were kids

We understand the underlying verbal contract that stipulates brothers can make fun of our sisters, but if anybody else teases them, we shall summon the power of Thor’s hammer. On a summer camp excursion to a roller rink, I struck a boy in the nose because he told my sister she wasn’t pretty enough to couple’s skate with. I didn’t care whether he was three feet taller than me or had nordic, huge blood coursing through his veins. He messed with my blood, and that crap won’t fly with brothers.
Growing up together, brothers will have developed an understanding of who might be a good match for their sisters. Significant others will always want to win our favor, and as a result, we will have developed an eagle eye for which partners might be beneficial to our sisters. However, no one is ever good enough for my sister, therefore boys will always be on probation with me.
We are always willing to assist you in rebuffing unwelcome suitors. I once ate a box of chocolates given to my sister by a boy right in front of him, never breaking eye contact. Oh, these were meant for her? How can you earn her heart and affection? Thank you, babe.
We demonstrate to our sisters how sensitive males can be. It’s simple for society to tell us that males are stoic and that most guys feel less than women since showing emotions isn’t “manly.” My sister, on the other hand, recalls vividly the day in Disney World when I had a mental breakdown in front of Eeyore at a “meet the characters” meal. I was six years old at the time, and I hugged whoever was dressed up in that outfit for 10 minutes straight, exclaiming, “It’s just so great how you make all these people happy!” Even though I was undoubtedly sunburned and out of my mind at the time, I sobbed anyway. Sisters have the inside scoop that society prefers to keep hidden: guys, too, may be blubbering infants of strong emotions. Also, kudos to the unfortunate college student who was dressed in the suit. I’m sorry if you’re reading this.

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