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Maintaining your dedication to your craft is crucial for gaining the respect of your peers, family, and friends, as well as ultimately your followers and the wider industry. It can be quite alluring to put off practicing in favor of hanging out with your friends or getting more sleep, but you will never advance without practice. Ask your teacher for advice if maintaining motivation is a struggle for you. Teachers are a valuable resource since most of them are used to dealing with pupils who become disinterested or have trouble staying committed. For further advice on how to stay motivated, you can also read this article. Simply put, nothing can replace having actual experience. If you don’t play frequently with your music program, attempt to perform once a week at a nearby open mic night. You won’t have to stress about being “good enough” to perform because some open mic events focus on encouraging beginning artists. You’ll get more at ease dealing with a crowd the more you perform in front of others and put yourself out there. Develop your communication skills with the audience, practice your timing, and, most importantly, unwind and enjoy yourself. The goal of open mic nights is to make both the artists and the audience have a good time. Even if you do make a mistake, nothing terrible will happen. The show must go on, so take a deep breath and keep going!

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