I walked all this kilometers for her….a long walk to Dubai

A committed partnership is inspirational and lovely. But make no mistake, it has its own unique set of difficulties. It takes work and requires a willingness to learn and grow for two humans to be together day in and day out, year in and year out, regardless of their baggage, preferences, and peculiarities as they progress, grow, and possibly change. Someone who is emotionally accessible is prepared to give their body, mind, and spirit to a connection with you. When you bring up some sensitive subjects, an emotionally available individual is an open book who does not become defensive. They do not grow distant or unreachable. They’ll show you they care by doing as well as by saying it. You and your partner must confront life and all of its surprises. Additionally, as you get older, it’s likely that you’ll lose loved ones, get sick, go through physical and mental changes, and occasionally notice how miserable, depressed, and irritable each other is. Look for a person who is accessible both during good times and during difficult times. You need a long-term partner, someone who will stand by you through good times and bad, because life is not always bright and blissful. It’s fantastic to have a spouse who enjoys curling up in front of the TV with you to watch drama series, but sharing similar ideals and ambitions is what really makes or breaks a relationship. It will be difficult to coexist in a relationship with someone whose values or ideas are so drastically at odds with your own.

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