I want her to know that I am her mom

Mom is a universe in itself; it is not just a simple word. This world contains a set of abilities that no one else will ever possess. When a woman becomes pregnant, she experiences numerous psychological and physical changes. While a woman becomes a mother as soon as she becomes pregnant, a child does not see the light of day until 280 days have passed. Her life has changed drastically ever since she realised that another life is now residing in her body. On that day, she begins prioritising her child over all other considerations. The motherly role in your life gradually evolves during these different periods of life. because she will always have a special place in every phase of your life. You owe her a debt of gratitude for the rest of your life because she gave birth to you. People claim that only a loving heart can grasp the quiet language of love. Your mother understood every word you wanted to say when you were a toddler and unable to speak or express yourself. Because of how quickly you were sobbing and yelling, your mother could tell that you were hungry, had a stomachache, and had a temperature. We refer to this as a heart-to-heart connection. Sometimes all you needed to feel safe was your mother’s lap. You must have witnessed little kids sobbing in front of strangers. Why do they do this? When they hear that cry, which represents dread, they instinctively seek to head for the most secure location.

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