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I want people to help me find my mother

Make only commitments you are content to accept. Say “no,” even if it disappoints someone, with guts. Everyone is worse off if you agree to something but can’t follow through. Keep track of your commitments and be clear about what you have to do. Building trust with family, friends, and coworkers requires being organised. It permits you to decide clearly whether to grant requests for your time and attention. Trust-building requires constant effort. Avoid the error of having too high of expectations too soon. It is important to start small and make modest promises in order to establish confidence. You should always, always tell the truth when you speak. No matter how tiny the lie was, it will damage your credibility if you are found out. whenever you can, be of assistance. Even if there is no profit to you, helping someone else fosters trust. Genuine kindness contributes to trust-building. Do not conceal your emotions. Building trust by being honest about your emotions is frequently successful. People are also more likely to trust you if they sense that you care.

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