I want people to know we are in a relationship

Women, back off and let them do the chasing. It’s time to learn how to make a man chase you since you realise exactly what we’re talking about. Men expect we will chase them these days, and the strange thing is, we do! We befriend his buddies, we show up at their favourite club, we stalk them on Facebook and Instagram, we do it everything. So discover how to reverse that and make a man chase you instead by following these steps. Men have grown too accustomed to their comfort, so you need to break the habit immediately. Quit pursuing them. Yes, life without drama would be dull, but why not give someone the opportunity to get to know you? Nowadays, chasing is a forgotten art. Most girls are unaware of how effective this manoeuvre is in making a guy seek you and fall more deeply in love with you. A guy will want you more if you can convince him that dating you is possible while making it difficult to do so. This is how evolution was designed. The perfect application of this logic can be found in social media, video games, and anything else you find addictive! the idea that, despite how challenging it may seem to accomplish, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You also receive a small prize at each stage, which keeps you inspired and motivated.

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