I want people to know what Dawit took

One of the nicest feelings in the world is falling in love. It’s ecstatic, overwhelming, and exhilarating all at once. However, after the first romance wears off, difficult problems like misunderstandings, contentious disagreements, blame games, or just drifting apart because of differences can cause a rift in your relationship. You might choose to keep your complaints about your partner to yourself at times and bring them up later. But before you realise it, those silent complaints can build up and pick up emotional speed like a tornado. You must both firmly, honestly, and compassionately convey what’s bothering you to your partner. Sometimes a discussion that begins on one subject does not stay on that subject. A heated argument can quickly veer off course, much like a car that has hit a spot of black ice on a wintry day. Stay on one topic at a time and be careful of slick surfaces in your connection. Moving away from the one straightforward concept may cause the argument to become obscured by a myriad of related but unimportant problems.

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