I want to join NASA..the student who scored high in Ethiopian university entrance examination

You might be concerned about your performance in your forthcoming classes whether you’re a first-year student, starting your next semester shortly, or returning to school to further your career. Although attending college can be difficult, there are a number of strategies to succeed. Your chances of succeeding in your classes might be increased by learning how to succeed in college. Regular attendance in class is essential for academic achievement. Attending every lesson will put you in a better position to comprehend everything being taught and to clarify any points that are unclear. You may make sure you’re prepared for your classes by reading the curriculum for each one. If you occasionally feel the need to skip class, remember that even one missed class puts you at risk of slipping behind. You must take time to catch up after missing classes. While attending class is important, making the most of your attendance is even more crucial. This entails participating fully in class activities including asking questions, contributing to group discussions, and responding to the instructor’s queries. Being actively involved in class can be made much easier by sitting near the front of the room. Compared to when you are seated at the rear of the classroom, you are better able to pay attention to your instructor when you are in the front. Active participation can enhance learning and guarantee that you comprehend the course information. In order to succeed in a class, one must strive for excellence. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways to make it simpler for you to manage other school-related tasks and your exam preparation.

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