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I want to raise my child with love

A mother is a child’s female parent. Mothers are women who dwell or play the role of having some link to their children, who may or may not be biological offspring. Depending on the context, women might be regarded mothers for having given birth, raising their kid, supplying their ovum for fertilization, or some combination of the above. Such circumstances help to define the concept of motherhood, or the state of being a mother. An adoptive mother is a woman who has legally become the child’s parent through the adoption procedure. A biological mother is the female genetic contributor to the infant’s creation, whether through sexual intercourse or egg donation. A biological mother may have legal obligations to a child she did not nurture, such as monetary support. A putative mother is a woman whose biological tie to a child is alleged but not proven. A stepmother is a woman who is married to a child’s father and has a family unit with the child, but she does not have the legal rights and obligations of a parent in relation to the child. Mother’s love is an emotion that cannot be described in words since it is as deep as the ocean.

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