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I want to see my son walking again

This year, I had intended to run my first marathon to commemorate my 50th birthday. Instead, I’m having to relearn how to walk. In March, I broke my ankle in an accident, turning what should have been a three-second sprint into three months of agony. To keep my dogs from charging at the front gate, I have an 80cm-high stainless-steel wall on my patio. Instead of walking around it, I chose to cross it. My right foot’s slipper got trapped at the top of the barricade, so I climbed up on my left foot, pointing my toes like a ballerina, to gain additional elevation and clear the fence. My injury was characterized as a trimalleolar fracture dislocation because I shattered three important portions of the ankle joint: the lateral malleolus, posterior malleolus, and medial malleolus. Dr. Anandakumar Vellasamy, my orthopaedic surgeon, has a lot of experience with these kinds of injuries. He trained in Switzerland, where skiers sometimes suffer similar injuries when they fall. He is a foot and ankle sub-specialist at Sengkang General Hospital. If only my autumn had been as lovely. Some journalists assumed that as the sports editor of The Straits Times, I had sustained an injury while participating in sports. The humiliation of the explanation has proven to be only somewhat less agonizing than the injury itself.

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