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I wanted to impress the judges on yemaleda kokeboch

Fitsum Asfaw, a well-known film writer and director, produced Yemaleda Kokeboch, an entertaining Ethiopian Acting Competition show on EBS TV. Several individuals, including the judges, grieved during the show as a result of a heartbreaking and intriguing situation. Participate in the newest TV competition series that promotes diversity and inspires ordinary people. Get a shot at being chosen for Season 3 of our fantastic show. At the end of each month, ten winners will be chosen to participate in the final casting with the producers. 33 participants from around the world will compete in a series of challenges designed to highlight their unique characters, with four chosen as ambassadors to participate in a marketing campaign for a worldwide firm. However, only one winner will be chosen to be the face of The Fashion Hero. The more votes you get, the more probable it is that you will be a part of Season 3 filming. The precise location will be announced soon. Fistum Asfaw is the creator of the show we’re talking about, “Yemaleda Kokeboch.” With a creative mind, he began his career as a journalist. He was only at Radio Fana for a few years, yet he was able to create well-known radio programmes that lasted for many years. He has worked as a communication professional with UNICEF, PSI Ethiopia, and the John Hopkins University Center for Communication. He has a BA in Literature as well as an MA in Folklore. He is only in his early thirties, yet he has already made substantial contributions to the fields of art, journalism, and communication. The extraordinary artist recognized what he wanted to do with his life after working as a journalist and communication specialist. His debut film, “Balekelem Hilmoch,” is well-known and serves as his entry point into the world of cinema. He wrote and directed Amharic films such as Balekem Hilmoch Parts I and II, Selayochu, and, most recently, Bechis Tedebke, which have proven popular. E.A. is one of the contributors. Fitsum Asfaw is a well-known Ethiopian artisan and the host of the Qin Liboch Television show Fitsum Asfaw.

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