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I wanted to know where my daughter is

A single blue chair was leaning up against the wall. I sat. Draw fell, and I was watching the unexpected bustle of people arriving and departing while looking back and forth. I had no idea what was going on, and I had no control over the situation. I was limited to praying and crying. There were all the people I loved and cared about in the world present, and I was unsure if any of them would survive. It seemed to last forever. I could do nothing except have trust because I had no control over anything. It had been almost an hour. All the worst-case situations, as well as all the best-case scenarios, run through your thoughts at those times. It can appear that all parents have an immediate, strong bond with their child. That’s how it happens in the movies, and perhaps your friends and family have told you the same thing. But not everyone experiences things in this manner. Many newlyweds require more time to reunite. When you bond with your baby, you start to feel an unwavering love for them. Frequently, bonding develops gradually over the course of the infant’s first year. Therefore, it’s okay if you don’t experience these intense sensations of intimacy in the first few days or weeks following giving birth. However, there are several actions you may do to foster a close relationship with your infant. Additionally, there are various factors that can impede the procedure. But with time and persistence.

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