I wanted to look smart that is how my addiction started

Everybody has a different story of success and failure. Everybody has their own set of demons to contend with. You don’t truly understand that you’ve hit rock bottom until you’ve descended to the pit’s bottom. After that, you start to see the bright side of things and start your road to recovery. There are various causes for why someone can think they’ve hit rock bottom. One of these causes might be a failed marriage, a job loss, a house loss, or even drug abuse. Your routine is boring every day. You get up, eat, go to work, and go to bed every single day. Every day, you repeat this. Because of this, there are difficulties when you get to the bottom. Never can we categorically judge something as excellent or terrible. The perspective of the person who is being impacted will determine the answer. Addiction transforms a person in unimaginable ways. You begin breaking your promises to yourself not to do harmful things. You start to lose respect for yourself and your family. Only once you’ve descended to your lowest point can you truly feel useless. You should try to find a way out, contact a supportive person, and maintain sobriety. Life can be really difficult at times. Nobody survives life without being struck by life’s major waves. Every single person in the world experiences enormous waves throughout life. There are no exceptions.

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