I wanted to marry you before knowing you

It’s simple to tell if someone would be pleasant to date when you first meet them if they are charming, adventurous, and nice. However, just because you may feel strongly about someone doesn’t necessarily mean you should spend the rest of your life with them. It’s a little more difficult to determine that, and you won’t always be aware of it straight once. In reality, it could take months or years of experiencing many situations together before you decide whether or not he is the one you should marry. To assist you decide if he is the ideal man for you, you can certainly keep an eye out for signals that your relationship is progressing positively along the road. While each person has their own list of qualities they look for in a spouse, practically everyone can agree on a few qualities that make a man an excellent husband candidate. Even if it might seem obvious, don’t assume that a guy is always sweet just because you find him. Amazing traits in a relationship and potential spouse include kindness. In fact, Monica explains, kindness may end up being one of the qualities you value most in a spouse over the long run since it will help you get through difficult times. According to Alicia, it’s a positive sign if your man continually comes back and apologizes after you two quarrel. She says that when someone does this, it demonstrates their capacity for self-reflection, curiosity, and willingness to accept responsibility for their mistakes. He must demonstrate his readiness for a committed relationship by acting in this way.

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