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I was dancing when we went live on tv

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Investigative journalism is crucial in underdeveloped countries where maladministration and corruption are rampant. However, as presenters at a recent conference in Ethiopia on investigative journalism pointed out, this is still a young profession in these countries, with skill levels lagging behind demand. A journalist looks at the state of investigative reporting in her country. Corruption, smuggling, criminality, land grabbing, and inadequate administration plague the country in addition to conflicts, disasters, and human rights violations. Investigative journalists have faced challenges due to a lack of collaboration from government agencies such as the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission, parliament, and police. This, combined with the lack of well-structured institutions to safeguard journalists, resulted in a shaky investigative journalism culture. The country’s politics, as well as a lack of professionalism and ethics, have impeded investigative journalism. The stringent restrictions that control Ethiopia’s media and civil society organizations have damaged these institutions, stripping them of their potential to improve the journalistic abilities of these channels. There are several investigative reporting guides available.

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