I was expecting someone to throw me a lemon

Many of us have the belief that there is someone out there who was created to be our other half, our soulmate, or the ideal contrast to who we are; in other words, that someone out there is “The One” for us. Are there any indications, though, that we have found our soulmates in our quest? There may be nine indications that we have found “The One,” and they are all based on the unique circumstances that healthy relationships require to develop and flourish. Even at your worst moments, your partner still loves you. Although there may be a few small habits and quirks that you don’t find particularly endearing, you are happy with each other and wouldn’t change a thing about each other. You also couldn’t imagine being attracted to anyone else. The act of being together is happiness. Whatever you do, as long as you’re together, the ordinary becomes spectacular. Being in a relationship makes you want to be your best self. Both of you are conscious of your imperfections and open to learning how to become better versions of yourselves. In this instance, both partners in the relationship are devoted to improving themselves for the other. The foundation you need to help you grow together harmoniously is this commitment to the relationship and to each other. It is crucial because it lessens the possibility that your interests, values, and attitudes will diverge as you grow older.

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