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i was great at school and regret not pursing it more

Some people have a horrible tendency of blaming “gender equality” for things they don’t like. Take a look at a slew of other ominous headlines on how women are apparently behaving more like males for instance, binge drinking, violence, thefts. Guys aren’t even behaving like males are meant to anymore, according to reports see, for example, Kay Hymowitz’s concerns that men have been converted into boys. We’re all perplexed and agitated by this gender equality thing, aren’t we? Many people react negatively when men and women appear to “swap places.” Is that, however, what’s going on? Let’s have a look at the evidence. Of course, as Peggy Drexler points out in that article, if you can’t trust your spouse not to cheat, you can’t expect them to speak the truth in a survey, and researchers believe that both male and female cheating rates are likely greater than the survey statistics indicate. At the same time, most married people cherish monogamy and avoid adultery, according to surveys. The vast majority of men and women do not cheat. However, if we assume that the numbers are about correct and that either more women admit to cheating or more women really cheat than in the past, the issue of why swiftly arises.

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