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When you’re pregnant, the expression “I don’t have anything to wear” takes on a whole new meaning. For a while, you can get away with wearing clothes that are a little bit larger, but eventually you may want to change your wardrobe to include maternity gear. Finding apparel that best accentuates your expanding baby bump might be difficult because your body changes as your pregnancy advances. Numerous personal stylists we spoke to emphasized that you may still dress elegantly whether you’re attempting to hide or flaunt your bump. Ashley Capps of AC Styles advises her clients to think about several methods to make their closets functional when developing your pregnancy clothing. To get the most usage out of your pieces, she advises mixing and matching maternity apparel with items from your existing wardrobe. For instance, a new pair of maternity jeans will go well with your roomier, pre-pregnancy outfits. You don’t want to stock your closet with disposable clothing, “Says Capps. “I advise purchasing a pair of weekend-appropriate slacks, a pair of work-appropriate pants, and a few button-up tops since these can be worn into the fourth trimester. Try out a rental service at this time as well. Request that they deliver you pieces of various sizes. She also advises individuals to participate in clothes exchanges with other people in order to get some basic maternity items to stock their closets with.

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