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I was out when they took them

Mother love influences both cultures and people. While most women are aware of the importance of their love and emotional availability to their children’s wellbeing, many of us are unaware of the significant and permanent impact we have on their brain development, teaching them their first lessons in love, and forming their consciences. Hunter challenges women to return home—to their children, their best selves, and their hearts—at a time when society encourages women to find their worth and personal fulfillment in things that distance them from their families and close relationships. To find any areas where our relationship with our own mother may still be having an impact on us, you and I both need to be willing to delve inside our own experiences. Simply being willing to examine our hearts and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves can help us start along that path. Additionally, professional counseling could be a helpful step in that process. What aspects of your children’s behavior toward you do you wish were different? Consider your own heart and whether you could treat your mother better. Whether or whether your mother is still alive, this is significant. We are greatly impacted by our interactions with our mothers. Our own mental well-being is one of the most valuable gifts we can give to our kids. You can start your journey by reading T. Suzanne Eller’s The Mom I Want to Be. This book is intended to assist you in overcoming your past and ensuring the bright future of your children. Never should a youngster feel as though they have to work for their mother’s love. Their hearts will be empty as a result for the rest of their lives.

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