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I was raised by a wonderful woman

My baby arrived three months earlier than expected. She was outside, in an incubator, instead of curled up and safe inside. She returned home, bloomed, and developed into a cuddler. She pushes herself against me at times, and at other times, she reaches out a hand or foot for a light connection. I don’t want her to recall squabbles over shoes, threatening threats, or disappointments as a child. I want her to remember how safe she felt leaning against my chest or jumping into my lap.

Motherhood refers to the state of being a mother. A woman enters motherhood when she becomes a mother. This normally happens when their child is born, but it can also happen through adoption, marriage, or partnering with someone who already has children. The phrase “motherhood” is a female-specific version of the term “parenthood.”
Motherhood. It’s exhausting, energizing, soul-sucking, and gives you a sense of accomplishment. It makes you question everything while simultaneously making you feel like you know everything.

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