I will always be with him….you are my gift

The act of loving someone and taking actions for their happiness and joy without expecting anything in return is known as unconditional love. It entails providing for someone with all of your heart during all stages of life, including times of abundance and scarcity, sickness and health. Simply put, it involves keeping the vows that were made at the altar. True love goes beyond accepting your partner for who they are and going beyond your ideal lover. It entails accepting their shortcomings and refusing to demand that they change for you. You are correct when you say that they are laden with demands. The partner is establishing boundaries in the relationship by expressing these phrases. Their commitment and effort are based on the rewards they will obtain. These are traditional illustrations of conditional love. Unconditional love and the expectations that go along with it may sound difficult in a number of ways. You have every reason to believe so, of course. You might want to take a step back if the idea of showing your lover unconditional love compels you to behave in an unnatural way. Living in a fairy tale is not what it means to love unconditionally. It does not imply having inflated expectations of either your partner or yourself. On the contrary, it refers to genuinely liking your mate. Being selfless in your love expression is necessary, as opposed to simply loving someone so they’ll do something nice for you or love you back. Every person is unique, and this includes their approach to love. Understanding these weaknesses and overcoming them are essential components of unconditional love. It involves finding your spouse and giving them warmth, kindness, safety, and respect.

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