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Almost three-quarters of men claim to find women more alluring when they wear less makeup, but what they believe to be the natural look actually requires hours of work and a variety of advanced makeup techniques. Contrary to what you may believe, men find the natural look to be more attractive than contouring, heavy eye makeup, and bold lips. According to the video, men favor women who use up to 40% less makeup. However, you shouldn’t need science to understand that your natural self is the best one. Contrary to popular belief, men find overly worn-out makeup to be unattractive, unappealing, and unlovely. Men are turned off by excessive makeup use because it doesn’t attract and seduce men as you might expect. The best foundation to use on her is a light layer that complements her skin tone; otherwise, it will appear fake and unattractive. Yes, hell yes, ALL men notice if you’re one of those women who uses an industrial-sized paint roller to paint your face. Of course, how much we like something is a matter of opinion. The solution to your question is more difficult if you’re one of the women who wears makeup sparingly. Ives conducted research on 550 men and 1,000 women. 40 percent of men believe that women wear too much makeup, and 45 percent of the male participants said that the makeup that women wear completely turns a guy off.

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