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I will never live her…I will keep my promise

It may be more challenging for the partnership to accommodate both partners’ requirements without causing stress or fostering resentment if the partners disagree on the relative importance of them—if one appreciates physical intimacy more while the other wants emotional intimacy more. I say “may” because physical and emotional intimacy frequently go hand in hand, such as when making love, which combines the two, therefore the disparities in priority might not show themselves since both parties benefit from the same act. However, if the partners are unable to meet each other’s wants at the same time, they may begin to resent having to meet the other person’s needs while neglecting their own. If a need is a necessary component of who a person is, neglecting it will only lead to resentment and misery.
While enthralled by the transcendent ecstasy of young love, when you’re prepared to sacrifice anything and everything to be with the other person, and when you don’t understand the costs of what you’re giving up, it might be difficult to remember this. (The same thing can occur towards the end of a relationship when you bury all the hurt and make unrealistic promises in exchange for another chance.) And occasionally, these incompatibilities and compromises aren’t even noticeable in the early stages of a relationship; for example, they might not become obvious until you move in together. However, once they do appear, they cannot and should not be disregarded if the relationship is to endure. The bottom line: Making minor concessions is inevitable and natural, but be careful not to compromise too much of who you are in order to maintain a connection that should serve to validate who you already are.

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