I will not tell you my age but we use to buy a coat for 100 birr

We made the decision to try it, but we kept the newspaper’s management in the dark about our intentions. The media crisis was still very much in full force, and the bar for beginning new businesses was still very high. In the spirit of exploration, we wanted to move swiftly and lightly, as if we were a tenacious internal start-up within a giant organization. We didn’t want to spend time perfecting something that would be written off as a fantastical idea. As we met in secret to develop the idea, organize a working group, and consider options, our work took on the guise of an undercover strike team. The main idea behind The Black Box was to bring our publication to the theater stage. After deciding on our strategy, we started looking for a location. The renowned director of Finland’s National Theatre, Mika Myllyaho, was immediately enthusiastic: “Great concept, let’s do it!” We reserved the tiny stage of the theater for three nights in the spring of 2016. It is now appropriate to submit our suggestion to the newspaper’s editors. Fortunately, when we explained our plan to editor-in-chief Päivi Anttikoski, her eyes lit up and she told us, “Go for it!” It was a journey of trial and error and, at times, blind trust because we didn’t have any instructions or a handbook to follow. One month prior to our first concert, we began selling tickets.

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