I will support my daughter achieve her dreams

Attend conferences, check out recommended reading, and connect with other parents who ‘have been there’. Pay close attention while you read and listen. Find out as much as you can about your child’s learning challenges. Make a note of any successful parenting or academic techniques that you believe your child could benefit from. By staying knowledgeable, you not only keep your self-assurance to deal with experts in the area, but you also put yourself in a stronger position to make decisions for your child’s academic and emotional development. Purchase a 3-ring binder and spend money on a 3-ring hole punch. Compile everything of your child’s work, including crumpled workbook pages, returned tests, and crumpled homework sheets. Sort the papers into chronological and topical groups. In any capacity, offer your time to your child’s classroom. It first enables you to gauge your child’s performance in relation to peers. Second, you spend more time with the teacher overall. You want to develop a strong working relationship with the teacher. These repeated contacts will help your child because you will be “in the know,” particularly regarding assignment expectations. Additionally, you will have a “insider’s view” of the instructor’s teaching methodology. With this viewpoint, you’ll undoubtedly feel more in control of your child’s education overall and better able to assist them with their specific homework tasks.

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