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I will take him back if he returns

Your mind and emotions beg you to detest, punish, and never forgive someone who has betrayed you. To let go of those emotions is difficult.
However, forgiving a cheater will actually be more advantageous to the faithful person than to the cheater. Our feelings of wrath following adultery are like a poison that lives inside of us. The only way to recover and move on is through forgiveness. If someone has cheated on you, you should try to forgive them, but only after you have learned what forgiveness entails and how to obtain it. Giving someone the benefit of the doubt over their adultery is not the same as forgiving them. It does not entail supporting or rationalizing the infidelity or continuing the relationship if you don’t want to. It all comes down to how you feel, both inwardly and toward your partner. According to Russell Friedman, Executive Director of The Grief Recovery Institute, “to stop feeling hatred against. Friedman emphasized the need of including the offender in brackets. According to Friedman, internet counseling using Talkspace is not for the offender. It is intended for the grudge holder.
After someone humiliates you in such a way, the route to moving on with your life includes forgiving them. It’s about protecting your mental health, not absolving the cheater of responsibility.

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