I wish for one of my sons to become a pilot

On our farm, one or two mother hens would typically be seen guiding their young in the spring as they searched the grass for bugs and showed them where to find their regular food sources. A red-tailed hawk made a rapid, headlong swoop to grab one of the young hen’s fluffy babies as I stood in the shade of an old red oak tree one warm day, observing the young hen and her dozen or so little chicks. The mother hen leaped into the air, smacking the hawk from behind and forcing it to release the chick as it soared away, just as the hawk leaped into the air, gripping the small one in its claws. While a father’s function as a provider and defender for his family is undoubtedly important, a child’s mother initially assumes that duty throughout their early years. I recently spoke with a young couple who had recently become parents to a small baby girl. As we spoke, the mother had her eight-week-old baby in a basket. That child’s eyes were fixed on her the entire time they were speaking. How reliant on her mother she was for all of her needs!

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