I wish Madinigo was here to see his daughter graduate

When a child graduates, the only emotion a mother’s heart experiences is pure love. Because you understand the depth of your child’s long journey, your mother heart will overflow with love for your child. You have witnessed their heartbreak, hardships, and tears as well as their victories and obstacles. You experienced every feeling they went through, and you are aware of the struggles they overcame to be at their current situation. Mama, let yourself to experience this deep love and to cry with excitement and pride. Recognise that as your child grows and navigates the world, all of these wonderful emotions will only continue to expand. You’ll be overcome with pride when your child’s name is called and they receive their diploma, regardless of whether they just barely passed some of their classes on a wing and a prayer or whether they are the class valedictorian. It’s a significant turning point in our children’s life, one we anticipated when we first held them in our arms and one that somehow came around too quickly. The pride you experience when that day finally arrives is difficult to control, no matter how well you attempt to emotionally prepare yourself for it.

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