I wished for long time to dine with my daughter

Life will always involve change, and many aspects of that change are beyond your personal power to influence. For instance, you have no control over how quickly society is changing or how the economy is doing. Even though it can be difficult to accept, complaining about things that are beyond of your control will just sap your energy and make you feel nervous and despondent. On the other hand, accepting your situation can free you up to focus your efforts on the things that you can control. Concentrate on the things you can influence. Make a note of everything you have no control over and give yourself permission to let go of those worries. Instead, concentrate on the steps you can take. If you don’t have a job, you have no control over whether your dream position shows up in the wanted ads or whether a company will let you interview. However, you may choose how much time and effort you spend looking for work or honing your abilities. Similar to this, if a loved one has a serious illness, you may have to give up control to the medical professionals, but you may still concentrate on giving your loved one the best emotional support you can. By reflecting on your past, embrace change. You may find it easier to accept your current circumstances if you reflect on past instances in which you dealt with change and uncertainty. Maybe you went through a difficult breakup in the past and were able to move on with your life, or maybe you lost a job and found a better one. Examining your prior triumphs can also assist you in overcoming the current issue and gaining some assurance that you’ll be able to succeed once more. It’s alluring to think that the best approach to get through difficult times is to suppress unpleasant feelings and “put on a brave front.”

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