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I would forgive him if he cheats

Infidelity can occur for a variety of reasons. None of them are particularly good. It occurs as a result of ego, stupidity, or breakage. Or because of arrogance, ignorance, a growing anguish, an emptiness, or the need to discover ‘what else is out there.’ It occurs as a result of hubris or a lack of self-control, or as a result of that part of us that yearns to be adored, heroic, significant, powerful, or as if we matter. It happens because there is a point in time when the chance for this to happen is wide open and full of aliveness and temptation, and it’s exciting and it’s there, and it acts as if it can keep a secret and won’t cause any harm. It occurs as a result of massive lies, the ones we tell ourselves. It occurs because there is a point at which everything begins. One little, dumb, opportunistic event that alters everything while acting as if it won’t. A time when the actual world collides with the forbidden world, with its real love, genuine people, and real issues that we all face, and the forbidden, fascinating, and seductive world of promises. And while these worlds appear to be different, they get entangled and knitted together, one into the other, and the real world, with its real love and real people, is never the same again.

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