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If he is making you feel these 4 ways it is time to leave

Most people would concur that falling in love is typically something you can’t control. However, there are some situations where you might wish that wasn’t the case.
Perhaps the person you love doesn’t feel the same way about you.
One-sided love can have a negative impact on one’s emotional health and be quite uncomfortable. Or perhaps you have a significant other who consistently acts against your best interests. Perhaps despite your deep affection for your lover, you and your partner don’t get along well enough to establish a committed relationship. No matter the circumstance, love is a challenging emotion. It can seem tough to simply switch off your feelings, even when it’s obvious that a relationship isn’t doing you any favors. Optimism is a positive quality. In fact, it is generally regarded as a sign of personal strength to be able to maintain optimism in the face of adversity or hardship. But when it comes to troubled relationships, it’s more beneficial to focus on the present situation than the idealized version of the future.
Your loved one might not share the same sentiments. Or perhaps, even if you fight constantly the rest of the day, you have intense affection during private moments. Even while it’s a big step, simply admitting that your relationship isn’t going anywhere definitely won’t make your feelings go away immediately. Finding the reasons a love interest might not be the greatest match for you can be done by carefully considering both the things you desire and certainly do not want from a relationship. You feel increasingly bonded to one another as time goes on. You eventually come to the conclusion that you are in love with them. But there’s a significant issue: You frequently go days, perhaps even a week, without hearing from them. They have been online when you send them a Facebook message, but there has been no response.

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