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If he is sending you these 8 texts you are wasting your time with him

It’s like an epidemic, I swear. The charismatic texting brother who got our interest and managed to gain our number only uses it to flirt via text messages and confuses the living daylights out of ladies because he makes so many promises through a succession of sms’s, but we haven’t heard his voice since the day we met him. In theory, this man reads and sounds fantastic, but he never seems to deliver. He actually has more justifications than we do shoes, and he thinks his reliance on text messaging is wholly acceptable. He feels so righteously angry when you ask him about it because, in the depths of his conceit, he believes that you should be delighted that he found the time to text you in the first place. The audacity of us to ask for a phone call, a human voice instead of the text messaging lunatic, or at least some confirmation that we aren’t wasting our time texting some complete loser… He is that, though, isn’t he? Can any texting relationship—I mean, really—be justified? I honestly ask since I’ve learned a lot about men. I’m no expert, but when someone finally pursues you, you can tell who’s courting you and who’s just having a good time. In essence, the difference between a brother who calls and one who only texts can be detected. And from what I observe of men, they go after what they want. They circle around their prey while hunting it and then pursue.

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