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If he wants to marry you he is going to ask you these 5 question

They might discuss important life issues with you, such as relocating, investing, choosing a job, and starting a family. They might be curious about your viewpoints on these crucial subjects and grateful that you share your objectives and outlook for the future with them. Although physical attractiveness is frequently what draws partners together, attraction to other qualities is equally significant and may indicate that a partnership is headed for a bright future. Personality, heart, and the values that the person you love holds dear in life are just a few of the attractive qualities that a partner may discover. After all, as we become older, our appearances will change from how they were when we first met our spouses. Trustworthiness, friendliness, vulnerability without neediness, humility, humor, confidence, a sense of humor, and a feeling of optimism or a positive perspective are traits that partners find attractive and durable. A further indication that your partner wants you to be a part of what’s vital in their life may be the merging of important relationships, such as your love relationship and their friendships. Additionally, spending time with other married couples could be a sign that your partner respects and cherishes long-term partnerships. A indication that your spouse is considering a committed future is when you two discuss if you both want to establish a family and what objectives you have for doing so. This could be one of the telltale indicators that your partner wants to wed you. Consider the following inquiries: What are your thoughts on having children? How steadfast is your stance? When do you believe it would be ideal to try to start a family if you wish to have kids? What kind of parenting approach do you envision yourself adopting?

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